Welcome to the The Cascadian Flag Cooperative.


Photo by Mark Colman

The company was started by Alexander Baretich. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Alexander designed the Cascadian Flag in 1994.

“I designed the Cascadian flag, aka the Doug, way back in the mid 1990s when I was a graduate student studying in Eastern Europe. Though I totally love the people, cultures and landscape of Eastern Europe, I was deeply homesick for the forests of Cascadia, specifically the Willamette Valley forests I grew up around. One day as I sat on a hill with my companion, I had this vision of a flag where the Cascadian landscape came to mind. Prior to the design and its popularity, the idea of Cascadia–specifically the bioregion–was pretty much an abstract concept reserved for radical geographers and hip sociologists. The flag conveys something far more tangible than an abstract concept of demarcation of space; the flag captures that love of living communities in our bioregion. Unlike many flags, this is not a flag of blood, nor of the glory of a nation, but a love of the bioregion; our ecological family and its natural boundaries; the place in which we live and love.”

At the Cascadian Flag Cooperative, we are proud to sell flags are individually handcrafted right here in the bioregion by the flag’s designer and fellow Cascadians. In addition to these one of a kind flags, you can find patches, t-shirts and and other things that are all about the bioregion.

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